Ambiotec performed engineering design services for the widening of 1,150-LF of Henderson Road in Los Fresnos, Texas, including two Resaca crossings at FM 1575 and FM 1847. The project scope included field surveys, coordination with utility providers, and the preparation of detailed construction plans, specifications, contract documents, and construction costs of the proposed improvements. Ambiotec also provided bidding support services including holding a pre-bid conference, issuing addendums as needed, evaluating bids, and making a recommendation for award. Our staff then provided full-time construction inspection and management services including the construction surveying (establishing horizontal and vertical control), and performing a final walk through with City of Los Fresnos representatives.

The project also required the preparation of a NEPA Environmental Assessment (EA) due to two wetland crossings of Resaca De Los Cuates. Specific tasks included a wetlands delineation and permitting review through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The EA evaluated potential impacts to environmental resources associated with the construction activity, including biological resources (e.g., threatened and endangered species, wildlife, etc.), cultural resources, water resources, soil resources, etc. In addition, Ambiotec performed consultations with other federal and state agencies including U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, and Texas Historical Commission.