Vicente Mendez

Project Manager

Mr. Mendez has over thirty years of progressive experience in the design of residential, and industrial subdivisions; and is a Registered Professional Engineer and a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

Carlos M. Marin

Technical Review Commitee

Dr. Marin has over twenty years of consulting experience in helping both private and public sector clients identify cost-effective strategies for infrastructure management and development. 

Guadalupe Nuñez

Task Manager - Surveying Services

Mr. Nuñez has over thirteen years of experience in land surveying and civil engineering technology, and is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

Jude Benavides

Technical Review Committee

Dr. Benavides has over seven years of experience in the environmental engineering consulting field. He received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.

Joseph Tamayo

Engineering Services

Mr. Tamayo has twenty-five years of experience as a civil engineering consultan with clients in both private and public sectors, specializing in residential land development. 

Annemarie Whitko

Environmental Permitting Services

Ms. Whitko has over ten years of experience in the environmental engineering consulting field. She received her B.S. in Marine Science from Eckerd College and her M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering from Rice University.

Karla Saldivar

Drafting Manager

Ms. Saldivar has over fifteen years of experience in drafting, design, and project management. Her speciality design of public streets and public utility reconstruction projects.

Homer Trevino

Construction Inspection

Mr. Trevino has twenty-five years of construction management experience in utility construction. Mr. Trevino is recently retired from the Brownsville PUB were he was employed for over 25 years as the Field Operations Manager.

Joe Torrez

Construction Inspection

Mr. Torres has extensive experience in the water distribution and wastewater collection field. Mr. Torrez is certified by the TCEQ for Water Class C Distribution, Wastewater Collection Class II, and Backflow Prevention.